You're trapped in a room, but you still have hope! Take command of a drone through a command line interface and attempt to program it to escape and find help.

INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS FOR PLAY (these can also be found in the pause menu):

- The objective of the game is to navigate the drone just outside your room (shown as a triangle on the map) to the exit to call for help.

- To begin press E near the computer and type 'help' to get an idea of the commands available to you

- Use the Command Edit program (opened with cmd_edit filename) to create/edit drone command files. Then use the drone_set command to slot in up to 7 command files to be executed in order when you enter the 'drone_run' command.

- There's a bug where text is highlighted automatically when opening a command file to edit, be careful not to replace your existing text.

- To see all drone commands look at the comments in your created command file, or create a new one if you've accidentally written over them.

- Try using directories to organize your command files

- Be sure to check the map/log viewer on the wall after every run to pinpoint where the drone went. (hint: there are obstacles and items not shown on the map)

- Use the scan command often to get an idea of the items/obstacles in the current room

- Graph paper (physical or digital) might be helpful, but isn't required.

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